Acoustic and Electric Harps, Composer

Floraleda Sacchi is one of the rare artists gaining success with an incredible range of genres and is described by critics as one of the most interesting harpists of today. Convincing, communicative and original she published musicological articles and brought back in the repertoire forgotten authors (playing historical instruments), performed widely the classic repertoire, plunged with enthusiasm in contemporary music (with dozen of compositions dedicated to her), composed music for plays and movies, used with originality electronics, sampler and electric harps.
Floraleda invents a fascinating chapter of modern history of the harp” (La Repubblica), “Floraleda’s harp lends itself particularly well to the minimalist logic” (The Indipendent), “Her attitude makes the works jump out at the listener with more gusto and interest than the typical harp recital” (Audiophile) are just some of the reviews she got reflecting her versatility.

She studied in Italy, the US and Canada, winning 16 prizes in international competitions. She performed as soloist in more than 1000 concerts in Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia with top orchestras and in large concert halls such as Carnegie Hall (New York), Gewandhaus (Leipzig), Glenn Gould Studio (Toronto), Konzerthaus (Berlin) Teatro Solis (Montevideo), Blanco Museum (Buenos Aires), Auditorium della Conciliazione (Rome), Quintai Hall (Wuhan), Acropolium de Carthage (Tunis), Alti Hall (Kyoto) …

She has recorded her first album in 2005. Today she has more than 20 album for Decca, Deutsche Grammophon, Philips, Brilliant Classics, Tactus, Amadeus Arte selling thousands of copies and also entering the charts with some of them.

Curious and complex artist, she has interest in film editing, dance, technology, visual arts, libraries and archives and she frequently releases layouts, videos and texts for her projects. She is never only the performer/arranger/composer.

For sure, Floraleda Sacchi – with her compositions, the classical, modern and contemporary composers she loves and with an unusual and versatile instrument such as the harp – creates an unique and intense sound experience and touches the heart of the audience.

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